Lusciouslox re tipping service allows anybody to send hair to be re- tipped with the re usable lusciouslox reusable tip. You can also send the hair colour or hair type you like so that we can re tip it for you.

You can simply use our online calculator to quote you hair re tipping service by following these easy steps and see what the hair extensions costs to be re tipped.

Re-tipping Quote calculator

1. Enter you weight of hair you want to send

2. Pick the thickness of the extension you would like

Lusciouslox Tip

Re tipping service

Do you have old or worn-out hair extensions that you no longer use? Or perhaps your clients are looking to reuse their extensions and save some money? Look no further than Lusciouslox for our re-tipping service!

Our advanced Lusciouslox Nano ring and tip system is specifically designed to provide the smallest, most undetectable hair extension procedure available. And now, you can take advantage of this technology to re-tip your old extensions and give them new life.

To get started, simply send us your high-quality remy hair extensions. We accept all types, from curly to wavy to clip-ins. We'll re-tip them using our Lusciouslox Nano ring and tip system, which is up to 90% smaller and less detectable than any other ring system. This means that your clients will have the most natural-looking extensions possible, with no messy glue, wax, or weaving required.

Once we've re-tipped your extensions, you'll be able to offer your clients the benefits of the Lusciouslox system, including the ability to reuse the extensions multiple times while maintaining their natural hair. And best of all, this service is available at a fraction of the cost of buying new extensions.

To use our re-tipping service, simply log in to your account on our website and follow the easy instructions. And if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at We're always here to help you achieve the best results with our Lusciouslox Nano ring and tip system.

Here are some advantage of the lusciouslox :

  • Reusable
  • Usable time and time again up to 2 years
  • The Newest lusciouslox tip
  • World’s smallest micro ring system
  • Natural
  • No glues, waxes or sewing
  • Maintainable
  • Engineered for minimal stress on hair
  • Not only your client benefits from upgrading to the lusciouslox tip!
  • Durable!
  • Never re tip that hair again!
  • Supplying your clients with the latest in hair technology especially the Lusciouslox Tip!
  • Quick and easy to apply
lusciouslox tip 2


Zongchuang Space No. 3 RiYuan Erli, Huli District, Xiamen Fujian China Phone: 86-13850001209 ATTN: Maggie Fang Do not forget to add your order number or details into the parcel so we know who the hair belongs to.

Once we get hair it generally take a day to re tip the hair and another for the hair to cure. Once this processed is complete then the hair is ready for dispatch. Once dispatched it gets sent via traceable express post. The express post is a traceable service and you will be supplied with the website link and a tracking number so u can trace your item. Thank you from the Luciouslox team