Why Lusciouslox

While LusciousLox has been known as a supplier of high-quality Russian hair extensions, we are proud to offer an even better product through our proprietary LusciousLox technology processing. This innovative approach to hair extension processing is a trade secret that sets our extensions apart from the competition, and we're confident that our customers will notice the difference. Our technology allows us to provide the highest-quality extensions with unmatched durability and natural look and feel

The Lusciouslox Ring


"Our advanced LusciousLox ring system is specifically engineered to provide the smallest and most discreet hair extension procedure possible. Our rings are up to 90% smaller and less detectable than any other ring system on the market, allowing for maximum undetectability and camouflage. This innovative system does not use glue, wax, weaving, or any type of fusion, making it a clean and mess-free option. Best of all, our ring system is designed for reusability, which means that our clients can enjoy their extensions for longer without damaging their natural hair. The LusciousLox ring system offers a superior and hassle-free hair extension experience for those looking for the best in quality and convenience

Types of Extensions



Our LusciousLox hair extensions are available in three different options to suit your needs. Our Standard extensions come in 1-gram (0.035-ounce) weight, while our Double Thickness extensions offer a 2-gram (0.070-ounce) weight for added volume. We're also proud to offer our New Triple 3-gram (0.11-ounce) extensions, which provide the ultimate in fullness and body. Each of these options utilizes the same high-quality tips that our customers know and love, but with an improved design that makes achieving a natural, voluminous look easier than ever. With LusciousLox hair extensions, you can enjoy a flawless, customized look that is perfectly suited to your style and preferences

Before & After


100 lusciouslox double thickness = 200 in standard thickness
All this while using our smallest micro ring technology. Lusciouslox can be purchased form our
online shopping cart. Luscioslox also provides a re-tipping service. Just visit the re-tipping page.

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