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Lusciouslox production and manufacturing is conducted by lusciouslox staff only. These hair extensions have always been developed for high end users.

In addition to our outstanding hair extensions, we have several other services to complement and enhance your experience while using the product.

Our hair is available in three different weights

Color 1

Color 1b

Color 2

Color 3

Color 4

Color 5

Color 6

Color 7

Color 77

Color 7k

Color 8

Color 8K

Color 88

Color 9

Color 10

Color 11

Color 12

Color 13

Color 14

Color 15

Color 22

Color 24

Color 27

Color 28K

Color 30K

Color 31K

Color 51P

Color 59P

Color 600

Color 610

Color 613

Color 616P

Color 619

Color 22-27BL

Color 22-7F

Color 22-12F

Color 22-13F

Color 22-14F

Color 22/24f

Color 600-613F

Color 33-1bF

Color 33-12F

Color 33-3F

Color 32

Color 33RW

Color 33M

Ruby Red

Pastel Violet

Pastel Pink

Pastel Peach

Pastel Green

Pastel Blue

Funky Purple

Funky Red

Funky Pink

Funky Blue

Tip Red

Tip Purple

Tip Pink

Tip 613

Tip blue