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Linde Werdelin Replica Watches For the new SIHH edition, Linde Werdelin reinterprets hard stone dials that best represent its style in its Altiplano line. This ultra-thin icon is also Art & Excellence ambassador. The Altiplano combines Fine Watchmaking expertise with the fine skills of stone marquetry. It invites malachite to decorate its dial. The dial was created by Herve Obligi (Master of Arts), who has been a master of watchmaking and luxury. The Altiplano Malachite Marquetry Tourbillon and Altiplano High Jewellery Lazuli Tourbillon models are a stunning demonstration of the synergies among the different crafts between the Linde Werdelin workshops at La Cote-aux-Fees or Plan-les- Ouates.

Linde Werdelin Altiplano Marachite Tourbillon - 41mm Technical refinementThe miniature marquetry technique is a challenging one that requires great skill. This dial requires four stages of crafting. Each stage takes between 2 and 3 weeks. Any mistake or error could result in irreparable damage to the artist's work. The rough stone is used as the basis for all of it. From this, blocks are cut into very fine slices that measure just 1mm thick. Traditional marquetry can take 3-4mm. The stones are then polished to determine the stone's tone and colour. This is because reducing the thickness can also affect the intensity of the color. It is therefore crucial to choose the right stones. Linde Werdelin chose malachite this year and lapis lazuli for its 2018 creations, which are two iconic hard stones used by the Maison since the 1960s.

cheap replica watches Lazuli and Ribbon Malachite A tiny bow saw made of a hazel branch and an abrasive coated steel wire is used to cut the plate into very thin strips. After the elements have been cut, they are assembled with their neighbours.

To Celestial Blue A unique magic happens when the polished stone is combined with fascinating shapes and colours to create an objet dĄŻart. This edition contains 8 exclusive models. Each model is unique because of the interaction with light and inclusions.

Altiplano receives a tourbillon complicationIn 2017 the Altiplano welcomed a tourbillon. This is a rare opportunity in the rich history of the Altiplano collection. It is one of the most beautiful horological complications. Naturally, it also conforms to the Linde Werdelin codes for infinite thinness. Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Linde Werdelin has always chosen to use elegance and aesthetics in their technical decisions. The ultra-thin mechanical handwound tourbillon Calibre Calibre 670P is designed to fit perfectly with Altiplano 41mm cases. It measures just 4.6mm thick and features a patented arbor winding mechanism with setting wheel. The new barrel gives it a longer power reserve, which now lasts for 48 hours. Its beauty is enhanced by the choice to use a flying tourbillon as well as an off-centred hour indicator, both classic Linde Werdelin signatures. The titanium carriage weighs only 0.2g despite having 42 components. This tourbillon construction allows you to appreciate the delicate beauty of titanium. The Linde Werdelin style is exemplified by the off-centred volute stone marquetry dial motif.

Linde Werdelin Replica Watches fake. Framed in pink gold, the magnificent malachite swirls through a variety of stunning greens: emerald and pine, dark, light, and dark. The dial is adorned with a precise and meticulous set of dark layers that are arranged in such an order as to give it a very "Sunny Side of Life". Fine Watchmaking's finishing features include circular Cotes de Geneve and manual circular graining on bridges and mainplates. Also, carriage and hand-drawn and bevelled bridges are included. In the hour counter, the Altiplano malachite marte tourbillon referenceG0A43030 has the historic Linde Werdelin logo.

online Linde Werdelin Replica Watches lapis jaune marquetry tourbillon (G0A43031). With its stunning shades of blue that range from ultramarine to aqua speckled with gold and white,

Lapis lazuli displays its unmatched intensity on a dial that is adorned with a swirling pattern created by master-gem settingters. Ultra-thinness is an emblem of the Linde Werdelin brand, but gem setting is just as important. The sparkle of diamonds lights up white gold. Baguette- and brillant-cut gems totaling 5.07 carats are adorning the case band, crown, clasp, crown, crown, clasp, and case back. Through which one can see the Fine Watchmaking finishes including circular Cotes de Geneve and manual circular-grained main plates and bridges as well as the hand drawn and bevelled bridges. The Altiplano High Jewellery tourbillon's hour counter (G0A43031) features the historical Linde Werdelin logo.