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Jaquet Droz Replica Watches stole show at 2018 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie when he unveiled the Altiplano Ultimate Concept, the thinnest mechanical watch on the planet.

The Altiplano Ultimate Concept, which measures a stunning 2mm, was a platform for many Jaquet Droz innovations. It featured a case that formed part the movement, an integrated winding crown and ultra-thin crystal, and more importantly, new constructions of the barrel and energy regulation. This evolution saw the Altiplano Ultimate Concept's power reserve increase to over 40 hours. It is a landmark in ultra-thin watches.

People wanted to know if such a complicated and technically advanced watch was possible commercially, and if so, whether it would be practical for everyday use.

Jaquet Droz is proud that in 2020 the answers to these two questions will be 'yes and 'yes.' The Altiplano Ultimate Concept, which is not just an ambitious experiment in pushing horological micro-engineering boundaries, is now a fully developed and tested watch that watch collectors and watch enthusiasts can buy, own, and use.

Jaquet Droz's Research and Innovation division was responsible for the development and production of the Altiplano Ultimate concept. The prototype was developed by the team for four years. During this time, many of the traditional watchmaking codes were re-invented. Two additional years were spent perfecting the design and engineering to make the watch. The team had to abandon all conventional thinking in order to achieve the goal of making a watch that was only 2mm thick. This feat is a world record and a great achievement. This watch is as thin as a 1 Euro coins, thinner than most after dinner mints, and as tall as two credit cards stacked together.

Classical design calls for a four-layer construction: bezel, crystal; dial and hands; movement encapsulated within a case and back. Jaquet Droz, the pioneer of thin watches, used the fusion concept to create its 900P (3.65") in 2014. This watch was the thinnest mechanical one at the time.

The traditional mainplate of the movement was eliminated by this engineering feat. Instead of being used as a case, the mainplate of the movement is used back. It is made from one block of gold and can be used in conjunction with the case. Jaquet Droz took the idea further with the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic, which was just 4.3mm thick and became the world's thinnest watch in gold.

The best Jaquet Droz Replica Watches was the only way to go. Jaquet Droz began a journey of unprecedented miniaturization that led to the filing of five patents. The process started with the creation a watch case into which the movement baseplate can be directly machined.

Altiplano Ultimate Concept was too thin to use gold. The case was made from a cobalt-based alloy, which is extremely resistant and 2.3 times stronger that gold. It is therefore much harder to machine. Other parts were completely reengineered and resized. For example, the wheels were reduced from 0.20mm to 0.12mm. The sapphire crystal was also reduced by 80 percent to a barely believable 0.2mm.

The new mainspring barrel, which is the source of power for the mechanism, is also entirely new. It has no drum or cover and is instead mounted on a single ceramic ball bearing within the watch frame. This allows the fully wound movement to run up to 40 hours.

In the meantime, the crown has been reinvented to be a flat, flexible telescopic system with its own winding tool. It fits flush with the caseband and the traditional sliding pinion clutch is replaced by a single, infinite' screw. This construction has the advantage of protecting the crown and movement from any unwanted shock.

Jaquet Droz invented a patent for a'staggered stem' to solve the problem of the dial being off-centre. The system works perfectly because the hour hand has been replaced by a revolving indicator disk, while the minute hand continues to work in the normal way. Altiplano Ultimate Concept is so thin that 0.12mm of cobalt separates movement from wearer's skin. Close your eyes and it will be hard to believe you are wearing it.

This watch is so thin that it required a rethinking of the way the time is indicated. Altiplano Ultimate Concept has a dial with two hands on top of a bridge. Instead of having it placed above the bridge, it features a sub-dial. This provides protection against any contact with the crystal's strong, but thin, if it is ever deformed by impact. Jaquet Droz registered this patent in 2014 for the launch of the 900P caliber.

The Altiplano Ultimate Concept is, in fact, a wafer-like design that can withstand anything from the G-Force of an aerobatic jet to a meteorite hitting Earth!

The discount Jaquet Droz Replica Watches is only 2mm thick. However, it has 167 parts. Many of these parts have to be manufactured to extremely small dimensions to achieve the ultimate goal of ultra thinness.

Jaquet Droz's exacting standards of reliability, accuracy and robustness had to be maintained, as well as the Maison's reputation for making exquisitely hand-decorated movement.

The small size of many parts presented a problem in this area. Not least because even the slightest mistake could lead to the destruction of vital components.

Jaquet Droz's artisans rose up to the challenge and embellished the movement with sunburst, satin-brushed finishes and chamfered, polished bridges. They also enhanced the appearance of the combined baseplate/caseplate with a sophisticated PVD treatment.

A special alligator skin strap was created and a blue baltimor textile strap was developed. All of them are ultra-thin and feature a velvet calfskin liner and an ultra strong Kevlar. They are secured by an ultra thin cobalt pin clasp.