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Professional kit

This kit Contains everything!

$ 1263.00 AUD

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The Professional Kit

This kit comes with
* 250 Nano rings
(enough to do 3 full heads)
* 12 packets of hair (120 hair extensions).
* 1 Clamp and release pliers
* 1 Threader
* 1 Foiled color swatch
* 1 Natural color swatch
* 1 Hair map and stand
* 1 Professional educational tutorial (you may want follow this video with the hair you get in your kit)
* 1 online certificate
* 3 Months Access to our support videos and tutorials

Listed on our stockist page

If you a local user please contact lusciouslox for this kit.(Registering is free).

Please note: During a Sale doubles are excluded and this website will not discount the doubles in this kit. The reason: The doubles are already discounted.

How to order

Step1: Log in to purchase
Step2: choose 12 packets from color drop down box below
Step3:Choose if you would like singles (1gram) or doubles (2grams)

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